Smoked Fish in Five Flavors
Crispy outside and tender inside
Sliced Fish with Tomoto Sauce
Sweet, with a sour touch.
Shredded Chicken with Lettuce
Beautifully colored
Combination of Shredded Meat
Salty and delicious
Crystal Pork
The meat is tender and refreshing.
Towel Gourd with Dried Shrimps
Beautifully colored and refreshing.
Salted Beef Slices
Salty and delicious.The meat is soft and richly flavored.
Salted Duck
Salty and delicious.The meat is tender and white.
Quick Stir-fried Prawns
Taste: Sweet with a salty touch.
Peanuts with Pepper Salt
Taste: Strong Peppery and salty taste.
Duck Eggs in Wine Sauce
The dish has a combination.
Drunken Fresh Prawns
Taste: Tender and delicious.
Drunken Crabs
Features: Strongly aromatic from the liquor and wine.
Cucumbers with Garlic
Taste: Salty with the aroma of garlic.
Crystal Fish
As crystal as jade. Cold, refreshing and delicious.
Crispy Cow Peas
Taste: Salty and refreshing.Features: Invitingly green.
Celery with Bean Curd Cheese
Delicious. Brightly colored.
Boiled Mutton in Salt
Salty and delicious. White meat and brownish soy sauce.
Beef with Dried Orange Peel
Crispy and aromatic. Brightly colored.

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