Wax Gourd and Meat Ball Soup
The meat balls are delicious
Tomato and Egg Soup
Beautiful red and yellow color
Kelp and Pork Rib Soup
Taste: Tastily salty.
Seafood and Bean Curd Soup
Taste: With a rich seafood taste.
Towel Gourd and Egg-drop Soup
Taste: Refreshingly delicious.
Three-Delight Soup
Taste: Slimply delicious. Features: The soup has a nice color.
Taro and Duck Soup
Features: The soup is delicious and hte duck meat is really soft.
Steamed Egg Soup
The egg is tender and melts away as soon as it goes into the mouth.
Spicy Fish Head and Bean Thread Soup
Slightly hot. The soup is beautifully white.
Sour Cabbage and Broad Bean Soup
Taste: Salty with a nice sour taste.
Sour and Spicy Fish Soup
Taste: Sour, spicy and aromatic.
Sliced Chicken and Asparagus Soup
The meat is tender and the asparagus is crispy.
Shredded Meat and Water Shield Soup
The water shields are tender.
Preserved Duck Egg and Fish Slice Soup
The soup has a very clear appearance.
Potato and Pork Rib Soup
Features: The soup is very rich.
Potato and Beef Soup
The soup is rich and the meat soft.
Pork Rib and Wax Gourd Soup
Features: The soup is rich and delicious.
Mutton and Fish Soup
Refreshingly delicious. Rich and Thick.
Mushroom and Meat Ball Soup
Features:The soup looks very clear.

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