Eggplant with Garlic Sauce
Lightening colour
Fried String Beans
it is better to go with pie crust
Fried Eggplant
The eggplant is crispy outside and soft inside. Thickly flavored.
Crystal Wax Gourd
The dish looks beautiful and inviting both in color and in shape.
Carrots with Green Peas
Taste: Salty and delicious.
Sour and Spicy Cabbage
Sour, sweet and spicy to the right degree.
Tiger-skin Green Peppers
Features: Beautiful in color.
Three Delights
Salty and delicious. Brightly colored and crispy.
Sugar-coated Potatoes
Crispy outside and soft inside.
Stir-fried Onions with Meat
Taste: Salty wit a slight sweetness.
Stir-fried Lotus Roots
Slightly spicy and very crispy. Green pepper and white lotus root.
Stir-fried Balsam Pear
Slightly bitter but refreshingly tasty.
Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn
Salty, refreshing and fragrant.
Mushrooms with Baby Corn
Refreshing. Slightly yellow in color.
Mixed Vegetables
Taste: Salty, delicious and crispy. Features: Beautiful in colors.
Lettuce with Oyster Sauce
Salty and delicious. Crispy and tender.
Fried Potato Chunks
Taste: Soft, salty and sweet. Features: Thickly flavored.
Egg with Tomatoes
Sweet and sour. Beautifully comnined colors of red and yellow.
Double Fungi with Celery
Beautiful combination of colors.
Crisp Potato Chips
Taste: Crispy and tasty. Features: Goldden yellow in color.
Broccoli with Mashed Garlic
Crispy and tender. Freshly green.
Braised Green Beans
Sour, spicy, salty and delicious.

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