Maofeng Smoked Hilsa Herring
half a hilsa herring(750g)
Grape-shaped Fish
350g black carpfish meat with skin
Fish in Egg Custard
Light yellow in color
Sweet and Sour Fish
Golden in color and beautiful in shape
Braised Fish Fillets
Golden brown in color
Steamed Fish
The meat has a tender quality
Fried Sliced Fish on Toast
Soft and tender, redolent and smooth
Stewed Carp with Hot Bean Sauce
Lightening, tender with mixed taste
Rainbow Shredded Fish
Lightening with fresh taste, tender
Phoenix Tail Fish
Tasty and the meat is tender
Fish with Bamboo and Ham Shreds
a very colorful dish
Deep-fried Fish Fillets
crispy outside and tender inside
Fish Cubes with Pine Nuts
The color is pure white
Fish Shreds with Green Peppers
The dish shows mixed colors of white
Fish Rolls
The meat is tender and delicious.
Fish Steak with Sesame
Crispy outside and tender inside.
Bake Prawns With Garlic
xiang suan ju da xia
Golden Baked Halibut
Beautifully colored. Salty and delicious.
Iron Sha-dee Sauce Skewer Squid
Sour and sweet. Simply delicious.
Sea cucumber with assorted vegetables

Fresh and salty. Be beautifully colored.


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