Pu'er tea in Pu'e...

Pu'er city in southwest China's Yunnan Province is home to the world famous tea of the same name, which originates in the area...details




Yuqian Tea

Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea are the names for spring tea leaves according to the picking time in solar terms in the tea planting areas in the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River....details


Lushan Cloud-fog Tea

Lushan Cloud-fog Tea is a sort of top-quality green tea produced in Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi Province....details


Spring tea debut postponed

Tea is the national beverage of China. Longjing is listed as one of the best teas in China, known for its four features - green color, delicate fragrance, sweet flavor and beautiful appearance....details


Tea, Zen Buddhist integration

Buddhist teachings of the original personal dislike, despise productive labor. The monk is a source of livelihood depend on begging and donor of the government, Wei, Southern and Northern Dynasties Buddhism flourished, while social upheaval caused by large inflows vagrant monk monastery.....details


IS Tea

IS Tea uses leaf tea for a variety of food and drinks. The teahouse is like an oasis of calm amid its busy surroundings....details


Green Tea

The crucial link in making tea is in its "fermentation." Non-fermented teas are called "green tea," which use fresh tea buds as basic ingredient. Through dry heating or steaming, fermentation of the tea is stopped.....details


The Way to Sip Tea

People of Gannan drink tea three times a day. In the morning, they drink morning tea containing fried flour, milk dregs and butter.Tibetans pay close attention to sipping tea.....details


The Way to Make Tea

The Tibetans are addicted to tea drinking. Such a habit has given birth to their unique way of making tea. Tibetans in the Amdo area love broad-leafed tea.....details

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