Sweet Green Rice Balls

The sweet green rice ball is a Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) food popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces...details




New Year's Day food: dumplings and rice cake

On New Year's Day, we eat dumplings and rice cake like our ancestors. Dumplings originate from huntun, a kind of stuffed food made of flour....details


Eating No-no

A Chinese dinner host will not expect a visitor to know all the traditions associated with a Chinese meal....details


Everyday Eating Customs in China

Chinese cuisine culture is deep rooted in China's history. There are so many “whys” that you may find so interesting....details


Serving and Eating Etiquettes

During a banquet, there are serving and eating etiquettes....details


Food Symbolism

In China, foods are given particular meanings, so that a type of food can only be eaten by some specific individuals in certain occasion, or must be eaten in specific occasion....details


Betel-nut Culture in Hainan Province

Betel nuts, one of the four famous Chinese medicines, are mainly produced in South China's Hainan province....details


Wuxi Food

Wuxi Cuisine is among the top 14 cuisine styles in China. Its flavor is light and sweet, focusing on seasonal ingredients....details


Tianjin Snacks

Tianjin is proud of its delicious snacks that are renowned throughout China....details

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Go for Bananas

Healthful, filling, and tasty...details