Get set for some spring energy

Fresh vegetables, especially those in red and dark green color, can help accelerate metabolism and thus relieve the fatigue in spring...details




It's time to spring into action

Outdoor yoga, cycling and kite flying are all ideal exercises in spring. Performing proper exercises in spring can restore yang (hot) energy lost during the chilly winter...details


Diet Tips for the Three-day New Year’s Holidays

The temptation of delicious food may ruin your diet plan during the three-day New Year's Holidays...details


Spring allergies are not to be sniffed at

It is the time when people get out, trying to get closer to nature...details


New Year Holiday Season Nutritional Diet Guide

A nutritional diet may have different effects on different people, particularly during the winter season...details


Restrain yourself to avoid “holiday food syndrome”

Gatherings often lead to "holiday food syndromes", including unrestrained eating, irregular meals, overeating on midnight snacks...details


Diet tips for eating outside during the New Year’s holiday season

During the New Year's holiday season, you will have a lot of opportunities to travel and eat outside. It's important to resist temptation...details


The color of love

Tomatoes were known as love apples in their native South America, and there are plenty of reasons to love this fruit...details


Best Fruits for This Season

Here a medical expert has helped us list three best fruits of the season, which keep you both hydrated and healthy...details


Litchi Porridge Gives You Fresh Breath

Does the following description sound similar to someone that you know: when he opens his mouth, other people will keep away because of his bad breath?...details


Fruit juice: friend or foe?

Grapefruit, orange and apple juices can harm the body's ability to absorb certain medications and make the drugs less effective...details

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Go for Bananas

Healthful, filling, and tasty...details