Shaoxing Wine

Shaoxing Wine is a famous local specialty of Shaoxing, a Chinese city renowned for its cultural importance and located in the south of Hangzhou and the north of Huiji Mountain...details




Self-made Cocktails for Christmas

Turkey, roast suckling pig and other food on Christmas Eve is of course delicious, but greasy as well....details


Drinking Games

Drinking games, popularly known as Jiuling in Chinese, are a popular pastime with a long tradition in China....details


Drinking Realgar wine

Drinking realgar wine is another Dragon Boat festival custom. While the festival primarily celebrates Chinese culture....details


Hejin Cup, Drink to Happiness

Taking a cup of Jiu (alcholic beverage) and crossing arms, lovers sip the juice of romance and promise in the presence of guests their lifelong love....details


Wine Vessel

China has a long history of winemaking. Countless numbers of wine vessels from the Shang Dynasty were uncovered. From these, it can be determined that drinking alcohol was high fashion at the time.....details


Wine Culture in China Today

Ordinary Chinese people today have always just used alcohol to help them celebrate the happiness in their lives.Today, drinkers just play simple finger-guessing games along with a lot of heavy drinking.....details


Wine and Chinese People

Without a doubt, wine occupies an important place in the culture and life of the Chinese people. Wine was intimately connected with most Chinese men of letters.....details



Maotai, or Moutai (the latter spelling used by the producing company) , is arguably the most famous Chinese liquor, or baijiu.....details

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