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Spring tea debut postponed

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Spring tea debut postponed
Collectors are collecting this year's tea at Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi province.

Due to continuous low temperatures, this year's spring tea sales have been postponed for at least 5 days. The delay also increases tea prices by more than 10 percent.

You are guaranteed to pay more for this year's spring tea harvest. Nationwide low temperatures have postponed the debut of this year's spring tea, for at least 5 days.

Mr. Yang said "I'm here to see the tea, this year's spring tea is a little bit late than usual."

The tea currently on the market is mostly from warm plantations like Southwest China's Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces. The enduring cool weather will affect the output but increase the quality.

As one of China most prestigious teas, Biluochun in East China's Suzhou in Jiangsu Province picking has been postponed for 8 days. The due date of Huangshan Maofeng tea which grows in high mountains has even been delayed to middle April.

Tean Salesperson said "There is no more than 1 kilo of Maofeng tea on the market. It cannot be on the market until April the 10th."

Tea is the national beverage of China. Longjing is listed as one of the best teas in China, known for its four features - green color, delicate fragrance, sweet flavor and beautiful appearance.

Biluochun tea is the top 4 on the list. The tea is shaped like a tiny ball. It features a strong fragrance, delicate mellowness and bright green liquid, and is known for its "The best fragrance in Chinese Tea".


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