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Tips to resist the temptation of delicious food during the New Year’s holidays

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Tips to resist the temptation of delicious food during the New Year’s holidays
Tips to resist the temptation of delicious food during the New Year’s holidays

Now that the New Year is drawing near, followed by the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, and Valentine's Day, numerous delicious foods are waiting for you. However, if you are on a diet, do not ruin the effort of so many days. Going on a diet, however, does not mean no food at all. You can eat happily so long as you follow the following principles.

1. Eat breakfast. Have you noticed that many overweight people do not eat breakfast? This only doubles their appetite for lunch and dinner. A good breakfast would enhance your ability to maintain self-control on food throughout the day. So, however late you get up, eat your breakfast.

2. As each housewife prepares her best dishes at family gatherings, not to mention eating at restaurants, you are apt to have a great appetite during the holidays. Please chew slowly and taste every mouthful of food to appreciate the pleasure brought by delicious food.

3. Remember to take a bowl of nutritious, low-calorie soup before the meal (it may be fish soup, vegetable soup or egg soup) to avoid eating too much.

4. According to experts, people begin to feel stuffed about 20 minutes after they eat enough. So, please eat slowly to wait for the signal of "enough". Do not keep eating until you are stuffed.

5. People want to eat something if they have nothing to do. At such time, you can drink a cup of tea or stand up to relax or eliminate your desire to eat. Do not reach out for something to eat.

6. During holidays, we tend to sit in front of the TV for a long time. During TV time, you unconsciously like to eat snacks. So put as few snacks on your side table as possible. You can have some sunflower seeds or preserved plums instead of peanuts or other high-calorie snacks if you have to.

7. Do not drink sweet drinks or aperitifs, as they contain a large amount of calories, which could be turned into fat.

8. Eat more fish and eggs instead of meat. Reduce your meat consumption to 3~4 times each week. Eat fowl meat if you have to. It would be better to replace pork with fish.

9. Eat as little fried food and sweet cakes as possible, for they are prime causes of becoming overweight.

10. Brush your teeth after each meal. While it cleans your mouth and feels good, it also prevents you from eating any more.

11. You may feel eager to show your outstanding cooking ability during the holidays, but do not taste too much. You may try a little and enjoy the admiration of others.

12. Eat only fresh food like the French do. During the holidays, we often buy too much food, and naturally gain weight by eating too much. Therefore, the key is to buy less. Buy less, buy every day, and eat only fresh food.

13. You'd better ask your husband or your child to help clean the table and dishes after meals, because many housewives unconsciously finish all remaining dishes in the cleaning process. It might be too late if you are already stuffed.