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Diet Tips for the Three-day New Year’s Holidays

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Diet Tips for the Three-day New Year’s Holidays
Diet Tips for the Three-day New Year’s Holidays

The temptation of delicious food may ruin your diet plan during the three-day New Year's Holidays. Don't worry. You don't have to go on a diet to keep fit. Wise girls know how to keep their enviable figures.

6 fantastic ways to turn staple foods into diet foods

Our staple foods usually include rice, steam bread and other foods made of rice and wheat. Rich in nutrients, e.g., starch, proteins and vitamins, these are major sources of calories for the human body.

Healthy diet: keep fit without having to giving up staple foods

Nutritionists believe that as the main ingredients of starch are inactive saccharides, they make you feel full, instead of increasing your calories. As they eliminate your desire for snacks, staple foods actually help you keep your shape.

Rice plus beans: keep fit and stay in shape

While many diet plans claim to be able to help you keep your shape, many of them are actually short on nutrition and harmful to your long-term health. How to stay in shape? Start dieting now!

7 fruits to keep the shape of your breasts and waist

Fruit may stimulate galactophore secretion, allowing you to keep the shape of your breasts. With low calories, they provide you sweet tastes and help eliminate toxic materials in your body - all without having to worry about an increase in waist size!

Eat the right fruits for bigger breasts and a thinner waist

These fruits stimulate gastrointestinal mobility, prevent astriction, and effectively reduce your waist size. Want to keep a good figure? Eat more fruits, which are good not only for your health, but also for keeping a good figure!

Fruit diet: get slim without having to suffer

Bananas, tomatoes and grapefruit have become mainstream diet fruits this summer. With these fruits-and a number of special tips - you can get slim without having to suffer!

Secret weapon: 4 drinks to get slim

Research shows that a cup of V8 vegetable juice or a smoothie 15-20 minutes before a meal could effectively reduce calorie absorption. Remember to drink before a meal, otherwise, it will be useless.

12 magic drinks to lose weight drastically during the National Day/Mid-autumn Festival season

In the upcoming New Year's holiday season, you could easily overeat before you even notice it. While visiting relatives or friends, or on travel, delicious food is always an irresistible temptation. Home alone? Popcorn and candy are always at hand. By the end of the holidays, you might weigh several pounds more.

Proven experience on diet drinks for different types of overweight people

How do you plan to keep your shape in the upcoming New Year's holiday season? Here are a few tips on diet drinks to keep your figure during the three-day holidays. Try them!