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New Year Holiday Season Nutritional Diet Guide

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New Year Holiday Season Nutritional Diet Guide
New Year Holiday Season Nutritional Diet Guide

A nutritional diet may have different effects on different people, particularly during the winter season. The key is to have the right food in accordance with your physical condition.

Workers who often work late at night

Best raw materials: fish, particularly codfish and sardines, which are good for brain development; milk and yogurt, which are rich in proteins and tryptophan; sesame and walnut seeds, which are rich in Vitamins B and C, amino acid, and unsaturated linoleic acid, lecithin and linolenic acid essential for brain development; wheat, millet and corn, which are rich in protein, fat, calcium, iron, and Vitamin B1, which could help ease neurasthenia.

Crucian carp soup with sliced radish.

Name of nutrition diet: crucian carp soup with sliced radish.

Materials: crucian carp; white radish: 200g; ginger: 1 piece; filled evaporated milk: 100mg.

Seasoning: chicken powder: 1.5 spoonful (small spoon); yellow wine: 1 spoonful (big spoon); black pepper: as necessary.

Preparation method: 1) clean the crucian carp; slice the ginger and the white radish; 2) pour cooking oil into the pan and heat it before adding ginger slices for frying; fry the crucian carp until both sides are golden yellow; add the yellow wine and filled evaporated milk and an adequate amount of water and continue to stew; 3) stew over mild heat for about 10 minutes before adding the white radish slices; cook another 10 minutes and add the chicken powder and black pepper.

Wipe the crucian carp inside out and make sure that it is dry before cooking. Pour cold edible oil into the pan to make sure the fish won't stick to the pan. How to cook white, dense crucian carp soup: add some filled evaporated milk.

People apt to inflammation for working late in night

Best raw materials: lily bulb, which can relieve coughs; medlar, which is good for eyesight and helps supplement blood; both help alleviate weak physical conditions and inflammation resulted from working late at night.

Materials: filled evaporated milk: 20mg; fresh lily bulb: 20g; medlar: as necessary; water: 2 cups; condensed milk: as necessary.

Preparation method: clean the fresh lily bulbs and the medlar; add the filled evaporated milk and stew over mild heat for 15 minutes; add the condensed milk and increase the heat to medium levels and continue to stew for another minute.

Please note that medlar tastes bitter if stewed too long.

People who look sallow and have weak physical conditions

Best raw materials: mutton, which has a good taste and is full of nutritious ingredients, including proteins, fat, phosphor and iron; Aweto, which is a famous nutritious TCM herb; red dates, which are helpful for blood regeneration; soft-shelled turtle, which is good for heat removal from the qi. Continued use of food made from these materials could improve your physical condition and give you an energetic look in your face.

Name of nutrition diet: stewed soft-shelled turtle with Aweto.

Materials: Aweto: 15g; red dates: 3~5; turtle: 1; dried mushroom, ginger and lean meat: as necessary.

Preparation method: 1) treat soft-shelled turtle in boiled water to remove the fishy smell; 2) put all the materials in the soup, and heat it until the water boils; continue to stew over mild heat for 3-4 hours.

Caterpillar fungus is an expensive TCM herb. Make sure to purchase it at major drugstores or pharmacies.

People vulnerable to common colds (wind-heat syndrome)

Best raw materials: mung beans, which taste slightly sweet and help remove heat; tea, which is good for the urinary system; sugar candy, which has a proven effect for alleviating cold, fever and throat pains; mint, which helps remove heat.

Name of nutrition diet: congee with mint.

Materials: mint: 15g; round-grained rice: 60g; sugar candy: as necessary.

Preparation method: stew the mint into mint sauce and cool it; cook congee with the rice; add the mint sauce and sugar candy when the congee is ready.

It is better to have the congee when it is still hot to allow adequate perspiration.