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Restrain yourself to avoid “holiday food syndrome”

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Restrain yourself to avoid “holiday food syndrome”
Restrain yourself to avoid “holiday food syndrome”

Gatherings often lead to "holiday food syndromes", including unrestrained eating, irregular meals, overeating on midnight snacks, irrational diets, overdrinking, and even acute gastroenteritis and alcoholism. The coming New Year's holiday is expected to be cold. So make sure to arrange your meals properly to ensure health and reduce the burden on your stomach.

The risk of gastroenteritis and pancreatitis as a result of overeating

With abundant food available during the holiday season, the risk of overeating is much higher. Particularly when you eat too much for a number of meals consecutively, your gastrointestinal duct becomes overburdened, leading to a number of digestive diseases, or even acute gastroenteritis or pancreatitis. High-fat, high-calorie food with a lot of meat and little vegetables could also lead to higher blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar, or even coronary diseases and cerebral apoplexy. Associate professor Zheng Qing from the Gastroenterology Department of Yan Chai Hospital reminds you to balance the meat and vegetable ingredients in your food and avoid overeating. Do not order too much to save face. Eat sufficient vegetable and fruits, and less greasy and high-calorie food.

The risk of alcoholism resulting from overdrinking

According to professor Pan Shuming, director of the Emergency Department of Xinhua Hospital, overdrinking could not only lead to acute alcoholism, but also cause gastritis, gastric ulcer-derived perforations, gastrorrhagia, or even damage the liver. Therefore, avoid overdrinking, and drink beer or red wine, instead of liquor. Drink a small amount, and drink slowly. Eat some warm, soft food, or drink some milk or yogurt before drinking wine or liquor.

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