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Self-made Cocktails for Christmas

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Sprite + chrysanthemum tea

Sprite + chrysanthemum tea
Sprite + chrysanthemum tea

Turkey, roast suckling pig and other food on Christmas Eve is of course delicious, but greasy as well. Sprite is refreshing and can stimulate your sense of taste. Chrysanthemum tea mild and tasty, make you warm. After eating greasy food, what is the flavor to drink Sprite and chrysanthemum tea together?

Method: soak chrysanthemum into hot water for 10 minutes, you can adjust the concentration of chrysanthemum tea according to your taste. And pour the chrysanthemum tea into Sprite.

Taste: refreshing, and a little bit bitter without crystal sugar.

Appearance: green Sprite plus light green and orange of chrysanthemum tea makes this drinking a obscure appearance.

Nutrition: chrysanthemum tea can make people clear minded and bright eyes, has good effect to dry eyes cause by liver-fire and extreme use of eyes. It is helpful to computer group who often feel dry in eyes.

Red wine + pear juice

Red wine + pear juice
Red wine + pear juice

Red wine is necessary for western dinner and definitely the Christmas feast can not afford to be without it. But after adding pear juice, its taste will change and will be more loved by girls.

Method: red wine (200 ml), red wine with purple color is better. Two Bartlett pears and a piece of cinnamon (approximately 50 g) are prepared. First, peel the Bartlett pears, cut them into half, remove stalks and remove cores, and then squeeze the pear into juice. Secondly, Cut cinnamon into slices; put sliced cinnamon and pear scraps into pot as well as 80% of the red wine heat for a while. And at last add the pear juice.

Taste: there is no need for you to worry about being drunk, because the alcohol evaporates during the process of boiling, wine flavor left. If you are afraid of wine flavor, you can boil longer or add some crystal sugar.

Appearance: its red color gives you a feeling of limitless warmth.

Nutrition: red grape wine matched with good-flavored and nutritious Bartlett pears juice will be good for your stomach, supply vitamin to your skin and stimulate blood circulation. Pear juice is full of calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin, nicotinic acid and other nutrients. Pear juice can also nourish and protect your throat.


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