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Where to eat at Christmas in Beijing—some recommendations

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Golden Barn Restaurant—the most romantic restaurant

Golden Barn Restaurant
Golden Barn Restaurant

Infiltrated with a sort of petty bourgeois sentiment, this restaurant looks very romantic and special. You could sense a kind of glamour of traditional Chinese furniture the moment you step in, as the allocation of some antique furniture such as Lohan bed, round-backed armchair and long narrow table is very tasteful, which distinguishes its environment from that of its competitors'. Of course, certain modern popular factors are added in too. You could drop yourself into a sofa, sipping a cup of tea while appreciating the beautiful scenery outside through their French windows; you could also invite several close friends to chat, drink tea as well as taste their dishes here.

It is located on Sanlitun Bar Street in Beijing and is easy to find. The environment of the restaurant, especially the environment in its attic, is very recommendable. It's learned from its staff that you may go there for lunch without a reservation as there are not too many customers at that time.

My Humble House Restaurant—the most artistic restaurant

My Humble House Restaurant
My Humble House Restaurant

The name My Humble House is sort of imagination-inspired, and when you push the dark and indistinct door on the side and step in it, the scene will refresh your idea about the restaurant: under a wide glass dome lies a peaceful pond in the center of the restaurant, along which stand a circle of plain square-shaped sofas and walnut-color tables, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance. It is not a humble but a noble restaurant. You would feel very comfortable here for its plain design and spacious seats.

The customers come here most likely for Sam Leong, a famous Singaporean chef, who started to learn cooking when he was a teenager and doesn't restrain himself from any rules in the realm of cooking art. He is famous for his boundless imagination, which is also the main source of the creation of dishes in My Humble House. It advocates the conception of "New Chinese Gourmandism" with innovation on dishes.

Address: The office building of W3, at the platform layer of Oriental Plaza, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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