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The Right Way to Eat Litchi in the Summer

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Litchi helps produce saliva, reduce thirst, nourish the blood and strengthen the stomach; it is very good for women with postpartum blood loss as well as the elderly and infirm. Although litchiis good for health, people should not eat too many litchi nuts at one time; this will result in "litchi disease".

Litchi is a warm fruit which will cause excessive internal heat; therefore people with a yin deficiency heat should be cautious about eating the fruit. Litchi contains hypoglycemic ingredients which will cause "litchi disease". Those with heavy thirst, sweating and dizziness should take a suitable amount of glucose water or sugar water to correct blood sugar levels. Those that collapse,, convulse or fall into a coma should be sent to hospital in time. In addition, some people who are allergic to litchi, will develop rashes and itchiness after eating litchis.

The Right Way to Eat Litchi:

1. Wash litchi nuts thoroughly and soak out the poisons;

2. Don't eat litchis on an empty stomach; eat them half hour after meals;

3. Don't eat above 300g of litchi in a single day;

4.People who are allergic to litchi, or with yin deficiency heat as well as .diabetic patients should not eat, or should be cautious when eating litchi;

5.People with hypoglycemia caused by eating litchi should take proper sugared water; in serious cases, the patient should be admitted to hospital;

6.Drinking some mung bean soup or green tea can clear away heat caused by litchi.


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