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Spring Festival Food

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Spring Festival Food
In the Spring Festival, Chinese families come together for a family reunion party with sharing food to greet each other...
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Jiaozi dumplings are made of a paste wrapper with seasoned minced meat as the filing. They are usually in the shape of a crescent. Cooked in boiling water for a few minutes... Details >>

Festival Yummy Food

While rice is a staple food for southerners, (defined as those living south of the Yangtze River), the northern Chinese prefer noodles and dumplings. Jiaozi, or dumplings... Details >>

It's Time for Dumplings

On the night of New Year's Eve, Chinese families come together for a celebration dinner. This custom is also called "surrounding the hearth," from the custom in earlier times of eating ... Details >>

New Year's Eve Dinner

Spring Festival is a festive holiday, but it traditionally also had a number of strict rules. For instance, women were not allowed to go out to pay New Year's calls. On New Year's Day, women were... Details >>

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