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Fish in Egg Custard

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Fish in Egg Custard

Features: Light yellow in color.

Taste: The fish meat is tender and the eggs taste delicious.


1 freshwater fish (crucian carp ) of about 250 grams (0.55lb)

3 eggs

2 grams (1/2tsp) cooking oil

3 grams (1/2tsp) salt

1 gram (1/4tsp) MSG

150 grams (3/5 cup) water

5 grams (1tsp) scallion and ginger juice (Soak finely chopped ginger and scallions in water and then remove them from the water)

5 grams (1tsp) cooking wine


(1)Gut the fish, remove its scales and fins and wash it clean. Put 1,000 grams (4 cups) of water in a pot over hot fire. When it boils, put the fish in the water for 1 minute. Take it out, wash it again and put into a container.

(2)Break and beat the eggs. Add the salt, MSG, water, cooking wine, oil, and ginger and scallion juice. Stir this well. Put the fish onto the egg mixture and steam for 10 minutes.


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