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Steamed Fish

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Steamed Fish
Steamed Fish

Features: The meat has a tender quality.

Taste: Salty and refreshing to the taste.


1 pomfret about 250 grams (0.55lb)

4 bamboo shoot slices

4 ham slices

10 grams (2tsp) cooking wine

3 grams (1/2tsp) salt

4 grams (0.14oz) scallion sectione

5 grams (0.18oz) ginger sliced

1 grams (1/4tsp) MSG

10 grams (2tsp) cooking oil

200 grams (4/5 cup) water


(1)Gut the fish and wash it clean. Make slashes in the shape of a cross where the meat is thick.

(2)Heat the water and, when it is boiling, put the fish in and boil it for 1 minute. Wash off the blood stains on the fish body with clean water.

(3)Put the fish on a plate. Apply the cooking wine, salt, MSG and oil to both sides of the fish. Put in the mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham slices, scallions and ginger and now serve.



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