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Fresh Seafood, Spicy Sauces

http://www.chinese.cn 08:22, February 23, 2010 China Economic Net

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Xiang E Qing Restaurant

Xiang E Qing Restaurant has introduced more than 10 dishes for the this season. Its cuisine comes from Hubei and Hunan, two provinces known for their freshwater seafood, dry pot dishes, and marinated spicy sauces.

Sheldrake from Hong Lake , for example, is cooked with dried bamboo shoot in a heated hot pot style. The duck is paired with soybean sauce and a long list of seasoning materials to make it spicy. Another popular dish is chicken giblet , which is fried with sour turnips, pepper and garlic.

Braised venison is processed with yellow rice wine to degrease it, and with soybean sauce to make it reddish-brown. Venison is believed to greatly replenish qi in Chinese culture. House-made bean curd is white boiled and served in a black clay pot. You can either eat it in its original flavor, or dip it in three sauces: leek flower, mashed garlic, or Guilin spicy sauce.

Xiang E Qing Restaurant has more than 10 chains in Beijing. It is known as a middle- to high-end restaurant offering quality food and better-than-average service. The company has recently registered on the Shenzhen stock market, and is one of very few Chinese restaurants that have listed successfully on the mainland stock market.

The average bill at the Chaoyangmen branch is 250 yuan per person, and at North Fourth Ring Road branch ,150 yuan per person.


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