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Drunken Crabs

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Drunken Crabs
Drunken Crabs

Taste: Salty and delicious.

Features: Strongly aromatic from the liquor and wine.


10 live crabs about 1,500 grams (3.3 lb)

500 grams (1 cup) strong liquor

500 grams (1 cup) cooking wine

25 grams (4 tsp) salt

2 1/2 grams (1/12 oz) Chinese prickly ash

25 grams (5/6 oz) dried orange peel

10 grams (2 tsp) sugar

50 grams (1 2/3 oz) sliced ginger


1. Wash the crabs clean, drain off the water and put in a container with a small opening.

2 Let the salt and sugar dissolve in the liquor and wine and then pour the mixture into the container (to fully submerge the crabs). Add the Chinese prickly seal. It will be ready to serve a week later. On hot days, it can be served 3 days later.、



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