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Cucumbers with Garlic

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Cucumbers with Garlic
Cucumbers with Garlic

Taste: Salty with the aroma of garlic.

Features: Brightly colored and refreshing to the bite.


300 grams (0.66 lb) cucumbers

20 grams (2/3 oz) garlic

10 grams (2 tsp) oil

1 gram (1/4 tsp) MSG

1 gram (1/5 tsp) sugar

3 grams (1/2 tsp) salt


1. Wash the cucumbers clean, get rid of the seeds and cut the cucumbers into slices 0.3cm (0.12 inch) thick. Put them on a plate, sprinkle on the salt and marinate for 30 minutes. Get rid of the liquid from the marinating.

2. Remove the skin of the garlic cloves, crush them and place on top of the cucumbers. Heat the oil in a wok to 180-200 ºC (355-390 ºF) and pour on the crushed garlic. Add the MSG, mix well and put on a serving plate.


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